Host your business applications with maximum
guarantees of availability and security

Business applications are key to defining, controlling and unifying processes

From a simple eCommerce application to a complete ERP, we offer our experience in reliably hosting all the layers of your business applications with maximum guarantees of availability and security.

With our cloud-based solutions, you can combine both physical servers in a private cloud and physical servers in a public cloud. This will ensure better licensing and performance optimisation.

What’s more, you only pay for what you use. You will be able to reduce, increase and eliminate resources from your servers according to your business needs. You can also turn off the servers to reduce and optimise infrastructure costs.

We can offer you a team of consultants who provide you with a personalised and individualised service. They are experts in each deployed infrastructure and can provide an efficient and effective response to new requests and incidents.

Your business application infrastructure

We offer you a highly scalable platform for your business applications. This way, you can increase the resources of your machines or the number of servers deployed in a timely manner by paying only for what you actually use at any given time.

Thanks to the flexibility of our platform, you can host your business applications from ERP to eCommerce, transparently combined with a private cloud and a public cloud.

We ensure the performance of all layers of your application with the latest technologies; from load balancers to ultra low latency technology booths, to backup systems that guarantee high data recovery.

All of our solutions can be completed with Replica and Backup systems, which guarantee fast system recovery in the event of a disaster, so that you can reach the service level thresholds agreed with your end users without having to worry about the infrastructure.