Business Intelligence Infrastructure:
information analysis solutions

Business Intelligence: turn your data into knowledge

Nowadays, Business Intelligence environments are vital for many businesses because they allow decisions to be made based on the analysis of information available from different sources.

Data by itself is not very valuable. We must be able to analyse it effectively in order to obtain the knowledge that allows us to make decisions quickly and correctly. At Arsys, we have a lot of experience in supplying infrastructure to store this kind of tool and helping your business make the best business decisions.

How to create your Business Intelligence infrastructure

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics platforms are essential for fast and effective decision making in a business environment. For this, Arsys offers a hybrid platform that is ideal for hosting them with the best features and the greatest flexibility, while maintaining efficient costs.

This platform can have several designs, depending on the needs of your project. For example, it can be an infrastructure composed of dedicated servers (physical) and a public cloud, connecting transparently to each other. We offer a wide range of equipment that can incorporate local SSD disks or even shared cabin storage over SSD or NVMe (non-volatile express memory) disks. This storage service is completely scalable and you can immediately increase it at any time according to your project's needs.

The Arsys platform for Business Intelligence allows the deployment of Data Analytics solutions with rapid growth of resources in both scale in and scale out architectures. We have hyper-convergent solutions and object and block storage services that will allow you to choose the most suitable architecture for your application.

Thanks to private platforms, you can choose the software you prefer. We provide a reliable platform and a scalable cost model that is easy to manage, meaning you can have the one that best suits your project's requirements. Also, all solutions can be completed with backups and Disaster Recovery.

For a simple and efficient deployment and administration of your basic infrastructure, we assign a personal consultant to you, who will provide you with personalised management.