Devops-Kubernetes technology in the cloud.
More agile development and cost optimisation

The advantages of the cloud and Kubernetes technology combined in a single infrastructure

DevOps was created to combat the new challenges faced by development and operations teams in a world where software development cycles are becoming shorter and new versions are released more frequently. To put all this into practice you need tools, such as containers, that make your workflows more agile.

Our Kubernetes cloud solution allows you to easily manage containers through an orchestrator. This way, you can manage your applications easily and securely.

With Kubernetes running on cloud servers, developers and engineers have the tool and infrastructure needed to quickly manage massive projects. Orchestration allows centralised host management, easy scaling and auto-scaling, high container availability and load balancing between the different nodes, all managed by your DevOps team or as Kaas managed by Arsys.

We can help you create your DevOps environments, with the benefits of a pay-per-use cloud service.

Solutions with DevOps-Kubernetes technology

We can offer you a custom design environment based on Kubernetes technology. This way, you can take advantage of all the benefits of the containers and fully exploit them as we provide you with an orchestration platform that allows for:

  • Centralised host management.
  • Easy scaling and auto-scaling.
  • High container availability.
  • Load balancing between different nodes.

These features allow closer collaboration between development and operations teams by optimising the development - testing - publication flow.

Also, Kubernetes makes it possible to make Continuous Integration a reality by combining it with other technologies such as Jenkins, GIT, Sonar Qube, etc. You get all of this with the benefits of the cloud (such as flexibility and pay-per-use) and the guarantee that Arsys will manage your platform.