Multicloud environments: the solution for large projects
with multiple cloud environments and providers

The benefits of multicloud architectures

Multicloud environments combine cloud services from different providers. Not all data has to be managed in the same way, or have the same level of availability, as not all data is equally critical and important. Adopting a multicloud environment allows you to provide the most suitable environment and the best solution for your project. Similarly, multicloud environments can be an effective solution for designing DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan) solutions.

One of the main advantages of having different cloud solutions for your infrastructure is flexibility. This is because you will be able to meet each specific need of your project by using the provider best suited to it.

Another point in favour of multicloud is the reduction of vulnerabilities as your project will not depend on a single cloud or provider.

Another benefit is that you will be able to increase the segurity of your data. Having your infrastructure deployed by different providers will allow you to adhere to different international information security regulations, such as the General Date Protection Regulation or GDPR in Spain.

Multicloud environments also present challenges, primarily in terms of security and interoperability. With this in mind, Arsys actively participates in the project, which seeks to facilitate and standardise the access and configuration of these multicloud platforms.

How to design a multicloud environment

The flexibility of our Hybrid Cloud solution allows you to have combined public and private environments, where you can host the core of your project in complete security. At the same time, we offer you the possibility of connecting to any of the public clouds, housing the rest of your infrastructure in them, relying on our experience in the deployment of this type of environment.

From our cloud, we can offer you both IP and L2 connectivity to different public cloud providers, and the ability to define not only the connection mode, but also the flow or bandwidth. This enables the same flexibility and scalability as with the rest of your platform’s components.

There are more options when it comes to deploying a solution. You can take advantage of certain capabilities that large public clouds offer us, such as improving latencies in remote locations or having DRP solutions for contingencies, but without losing sight of our most important data, which can still be in our data centrr in Spain, thus complying with any current security policy. In either case, our engineers will accompany you in the deployment and management of your multicloud platform whether it is located in a public cloud such as AWS or Azure, or whether your platform is deployed in a specialist cloud such as SAP or Oracle. All with the added value of our 24/7 support that you can always count on for the maintenance of your infrastructure.