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Storage solutions that evolve with market needs

Companies need increasingly more space for storing information and security is essential for the most critical data. This could be for several different reasons. On the one hand, it may be because our business is growing or transforming digitally and therefore generates much more data that, later, will be key to analysing our strategy. On the other hand, it may be caused by an accumulation of information due to the tendency not to delete data.

Not only that, but the nature of stored data requires security systems that guarantee compliance with current regulations and the consistency of company data. This is essential for both large and small businesses.

Technology has evolved to respond to a multitude of data needs. When it comes to hardware, for example, servers have increased their computing capacity. As far as storage solutions are concerned, media, algorithms, interfaces and the ways in which they are consumed have all improved. All of this with the sole objective of meeting the growing needs of the market.

This development makes it easier for a company to choose the storage solution that best fits its situation. Storage on nmve Optane disks for temporary database tables is not the same as the support we can give you for information that we either keep to comply with the regulations in force in our business (compliance), or that we will only access in the event of a contingency in the main infrastructure.

Our range of storage solutions

We can offer you all the storage technologies on the market: NAS integrated into our public cloud, and object or block storage solutions. All in shared or dedicated mode, as well as a wide range of configurations that we can offer you within the dedicated servers. Depending on the performance and volume of storage you need, the most appropriate solution for your project may vary:

  • Maximum performance with growth, price included (nmve SSD, nmve Optane, local SSD).
  • Maximum performance with flexible growth (local VNMe Optane and nmve SSD).
  • High performance with flexible growth (SAN network, Iscsi FC).
  • Performance with flexible growth (NAS).
  • High capacity with standard performance (NAS / SAN v2).
  • Very high capacity with low performance (SAN / NAS v3 and Object Storage).
  • 24/7 support in Spanish.