Web Platforms We put our experience
in hosting and solvency at your service

A lifetime dedicated to creating hosting infrastructure

Web hosting is the service with which we began our journey and today it forms the core of our business. Experience and solvency demonstrated by more than 250,000 clients that host a total of 215,000 websites in our data centres.

Our extensive shared hosting platform can be the ideal choice for small business or simple websites, or for larger projects that may require a customised platform with dedicated resources.

No matter what your project is like, our team will accompany you through the different phases of your project, always providing you with all the solutions you may need.

Our web platform, dedicated to your project

Your project is always our project. Therefore, we will design a platform that meets your needs and we will give you a personalised budget to be hosted on the most appropriate infrastructure, such as our cloud servers, dedicated servers, storage booths, etc.

Our qualified technicians will be in charge of the implementation of your service, taking care of installing and configuring the whole environment according to your needs. If you wish, we will also take care of the administration of your servers with monitoring and maintenance tasks. This way, you can focus on your core business and increase productivity.

We also offer advanced or premium support in the form of a Technical Account Manager associated with your project, with 24/7 availability, Service Level Agreements and financial compensation in the event of service unavailability.

Always pay-per-use so you only pay for the resources you use. Turn off your machines when you don't need them and pay only for their storage. You will not have costs associated with concepts such as transfers, IOPS, etc. This way, you will avoid amounts not included in your bills and you will control your consumption at all times.

Advantages of our web platform

  • High availability: both in terms of hardware (thanks to the high availability of our VMware-based virtualisation infrastructure) and services (for example, with database clusters), minimising the risks of service failure as far as possible.
  • Infrastructure security (we have certifications like Tier III, ENS…) and website security based on services such as Web Application Firewall (WAF), protection against denial of service attacks (AntiDDoS), etc., all integrated with the rest of your infrastructure components and adjusted to the functionality you require.
  • Monitoring services and log concentration that allow you to increase productivity by decreasing the loss of time in locating errors to facilitate their diagnosis, treatment and resolution. We offer the possibility of deploying a log collection platform with software such as Kibana or Check_MK so you can have all your platform elements in one place.
  • Load balancing between the different fronts and caching systems such as Varnish Memcached to assume a high volume of visits and improve performance.
  • Continuous Integration and version control services such as Gitlab that can be integrated into a Kubernetes platform to speed up deployments and projects.
  • Horizontal and vertical flexibility and scalability. You can add new servers to the platform or resize existing ones on demand by adding more hardware resources such as CPU and RAM. All of this is simple and obligation-free, allowing you to adapt the volume of the platform to the different campaigns of your business.
  • Improve the performance of your websites in any country using a global Content Distribution Network (CDN) service managed by us.
  • Full data backups for both complete servers and specific files or directories, defining their periodicity and retention in a personalised way.